Adjustable Outhaul Boom System

Sistema de escota Sailingforgold: Un sistema de escota que le permite ajustar su vela sobre la marcha. Ideal para windsurfistas que participan en competiciones, o para aquellos que desean un mayor alcance de sus velas. Al agregar o disminuir el calado, puede desactivar o activar su vela según las condiciones lo exijan. El sistema incluye cabos, poleas y mordazas.

Sailingforgold Adjustable Outhaul Boom System: An adjustable outhaul system that allows you to fine tune your sail on-the-fly. Ideal for windsurfers who take part in competition, or for those who want increased range from their sails. By adding or decreasing the draft, you can depower or power up your sail as the conditions demand. The system includes lines, pulleys and clamps.

Adjustable Outhaul Boom System

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  • Clamcleat Mordedor CL244...

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    CL134 Clamp holds CL244 cleat onto fit boom & tubes. These clamps are designed to be used with rubber between the clamp and a metal or carbon tube. They can be fitted over smaller tubes by using more rubber. Windsurf boom circumference 132 - 136mm over neoprene. Use for larger circular and oval booms. Use on tubes with diameter 42-43mm (1 11/16").  Screws and rubber packing pieces are also available if required.

  • Power Grip 2 CL262

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    Take the pain out of pulling smaller ropes. The Clamcleat® CL262 Power Grip 2 allows you to pull over twice as hard compared to using your bare hands. Light, strong and convenient to carry in your pocket. The smoothly contoured hand grip area has been voted the most comfortable shape to fit all hand sizes.

    The CL262 allows you to get maximum tension on a windsurf downhaul. It is also used for tensioning dinghy trampolenes, forestays and African drums. Use the blue cord to tie the cleat to your kitbag. Manufactured from aluminium for strength and durability.